Years ago, a curious and confused teenager realised that she cares about the world and all the people in it. She realised that every pain and suffering, every injustice in any corner of the world infuriated her. The once upon a time shy and timid individual, started discussing out and loud on any available platform about various issues that surround us.

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What is Organised Chaos?

I started this blog as a platform for me to talk in-depth about everyday problems, topics and issues that exist in this complex world. Many times, some of the blogs that I write are an expression of my current state of mind, coming out in a very raw form. Writing in a raw form has been a mode of therapy for me. And I hope when you read whatever you’ve written here, you have some takeaway from it. Whether that takeaway be in the form of inspiration or frustration, I sincerely hope coming here makes you think and wonder.
All views expressed by us on this blog are personal and our own and do not represent our employers or any other institution or organisation we might be associated with.

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I am always looking for ways to make my blog more interesting. If you would like to suggest new topics to me or maybe write with me, then please do get in touch.

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