What would I tell myself if I could go back and relive high school? Well firstly, I wouldn’t want to do that. My school days weren’t exactly the most sane ones for most of it. Gossips, rumours, ‘who’s conti are you going to or promoting’, ‘bhai mujhe toh passes sahi rate pe dede’ occupied most of my school life. But then again, DPS wouldn’t be DPS without all this now would it? 576612_10201387157059553_1536657099_n

I still remember waking up every morning at 7am (perks of living 2 mins away from the school) and thinking if I could fake a fever or any illness to take an off and just sleep the whole day (my mother was a dipsite so this was never an easy task). But I guess once you enter those huge green gates (somehow one letter from the board will always be broken or missing  or crooked no matter what) and walk towards the senior school block, you would somehow feel better. Walking past the bus yard and then the photocopy machine room (aka my favorite bunking area since 7th grade) and then going up the stairs round and round which would have easily given the present 20 year old-nearly always hung-over me a good run for my money.

I guess the biggest fear was to always see who landed up in school and who successfully managed to stay home (like seriously man did your parents never annoy you about attendance?)
God bless the environment council and MUNQS for always having an event every alternate week. Why you ask? Because that means, half the kids are on OD (not really but you know, who checks?) and half the teachers are handling either registration or screaming and panicking while the students actually solve the issue to calm them down. Which means school that day would become the equivalent of an informal non-alcoholic social gathering with all the students all over the place, and the few subject teachers who weren’t on OD would just give up.
Environment council always takes me back to the days of crowding up in Satpathy Ma’am’s room with the 3 cupboards filled with files, sheets, sketch pens and certificates. I mean, I rather sit in a small room with 7 people, all of whom are making the same chart rather than sitting in Math class with 40 kids learning ‘how to find x’. And yes its true, I’ve never used this ‘find x’ thing till now (touchwood).

972178_10201387157219557_920670781_nI guess my batch was all sorts of crazy put under one roof. Day scholar and boarder fights were like an open invitation to an episode of gossip girl. Everybody would have their own version of how it started and why, who all is involved and who is getting their brothers, so-called brothers, friends from outside etc involved. I mean its unfortunate that my friend got hit by one of the rods during the fight, but hey, she survived, we all got some after school gossip which was worth 2 hours of our talk time (especially for the unfortunate souls who missed school that day) so it’s a win-win for everyone!

And can I please bring up the controversies of the most talk about parties in the country (at least that’s how it felt like): Joie de Vivre and Poise. I still don’t know what was the difference between the VIP pass and general pass (1800 and 1100 respectively peeps) and all the fights that happened around it. I guess in 9th and 10th grade it was section B & C always fighting for this. And then of course something would always happen in G, H or I. And no, I don’t know how I fucking remember this.

Surprisingly, by the time boards hit, all the different groups somehow merged to become a happily family of 500 dysfunctional people. Once you leave high school, you’ll always look back and laugh on the things you did or things that occupied your time. But most importantly, it will hit you that you’re no longer in that routine that you’ve adapted to for the last 14 years. No more entering through the gates (or trying to leave through it for a whole day bunk), walking all around the school in order to miss the last 10 mins of a period, proudly expanding your chest in front of a teacher and telling her that you’re ‘on duty’ (that immunity tho) and no more singing ‘soda lemon ginger pop’ or ‘Ari Ari Ari oye oye oye’ (did I spell that right?) during the last day before winter/summer/Diwali break.

So now I sit here in wonder trying to understand didn’t I just graduate from school 3 years ago? Hiw did 3 years of university finish so fast? But then, so did 14 years of school.

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