Its Happening Again

Religious groups have started to grow suspicious of each other. Each wants their own autonomy, power grab and security for their respective groups. There are reports of violence erupting across the country. States are becoming witness to Muslims and Hindus killing each other. Politicians plead for peace and unity only when they realise that the fire started by them, by their identity politics and their silence, has grown into an inferno.

Women are becoming the targets. Women from different religious groups are raped and killed to prove a point. They are kidnapped and their ‘honour’ taken away. But of course, a woman is the honour and pride of any family and any religion. She must be made a target. She is human later, or maybe, never.

This isn’t about Asifa. This is India in 1947. This was partition era India.
But who can tell whether this is about 1947 or 2018.

There is a new partition around the corner. Yes, its happening again.  This time, one country is getting divided into two things:  India and Humanity.

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