For You.

Hey you.

Are you feeling lost, confused and in a daze? You can’t seem to find the path that you once dreamt about, or feel the breeze after a long hot day, like you always longed for?

Do you think about an ideal human connection, an openness and freedom to fail and falter all you want? Do you want that space where there is no judgment, no pushback, no expecations? One where you can cry your heart out, yell at the world and then smile again once your heavy heart has been emptied out?

Do you look back at memories, good and bad, trying to redraw the lines, rewrite the words and redo the actions? Transporting yourself to moments gone by, trying to relive it, trying to revive it today, to gain back the comfort and happiness you once knew?

Are you stuck in a rut? Unable to visualise a better time? Feeling left behind in a race that you never opted for? A race created by this world, this society, that has become a duty that comes with our existence? Trying to catch up? Not able to reach them, no matter how far out you stretch your arms, wanting to grab anything, something.

Have you picked up the pieces from the floor? You know, the one that you ignored for so long, and brushed under the carpet whenever anyone was around? Did they finally start hurting you, when you kept stepping on them, pretending that they don’t exist? When you pick them up, please remember to treat them with love, because after all, those pieces came from you.

Does the number of birthday candles on your cake scare you more than the equation you had to solve in 12th grade? Does it remind you of that race, the one that you left because you couldn’t keep up? Has society made you believe that its too late? Did you know that you can join again, any time you want, even while you’ll still carrying your pieces with you? After all, everyone deserves a break.

Is this confused, broken, hidden person you? What if I tell you that its also me? I too am picking up pieces, finally getting them out from under the carpet. What if I tell you its also my neighbour? And my friend. My colleague. It’s everyone. Will you believe me?

Step back and look around again. You were never alone in this rut. You weren’t the only one trying to grab something with your arms out. You couldn’t see us because just like you, we were hiding too.

But we’re here now. Slowly you’ll see more of us.

I want to let you in on a secret. You see, there is one more duty that comes with our existence in this world – the duty to let ourselves be human. Messy, confused, happy, sad, lost, hurt, excited, scared. But for far too long, this hasn’t been the case. We’ve let people believe that they need to hush the things that make them human. That any imperfection was never part of the puzzle. But the pieces you and I refused to look at? They were always meant to be a part of the puzzle. So I’m here, letting you in on this secret that I’ve learned, that you are human and you are not alone. You were never alone. And, you never will be.

So go back now, take this secret with you, pass it on and see the magic happen. See the loneliness fade away, see the scary thoughts of failure finally turn into excitement for a better day. Absorb and learn from things around you, and remember to give back too. The race will become a journey, the rut will become a passageway, the confusion and daze will become change. And you, my dear, will find yourself again.

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