2 weeks of being Covid +

2 weeks of being Covid Positive in New Delhi, India.

Nearly 2 weeks ago my parents, domestic help and I officially tested positive for Covid. First, my grandmother had tested positive. She was largely asymptomatic and the only reason we got her tested is because she had mid fever and shivering for 2-3 days, which could have been attributed to the plethora of pre existing medical conditions she has, and our doctor just wanted to ‘rule out’ covid. However, none of us expected her to actually have it.

You can watch my 81 year old grandmother’s recovery video here uploaded by the hospital: https://youtu.be/dbnN9mM2RKs

My mother, father and domestic help only got tested a week after she was admitted to the hospital and that too because we really wanted to be sure. We had no symptoms at that moment, however, we all did experience mild fever (99 or so) for 3-4 days before my grandmother tested positive. When the results came back, we too tested positive. In both the cases, neither us nor the doctor expected us to have Covid because we had no symptoms. Still don’t.


This is how its been like: 

Home Isolation: Thankfully, we come in the ‘mild cases’ category which means we need home isolation and home medical care. Our doctor has prescribed medications for us (different for my mom and domestic help because they were more in contact with my Grandma, who has covid positive before us) and we have to check our oxygen level continuously throughout the day. It cannot drop below 95. Delhi government also provides you with free oximeters if you are positive and home isolating. 

Symptoms: We were asymptomatic and still are. Yes, we do feel a bit tired (which is also due to the medications at times) and we can’t undertake physical exertion because we have to be mindful of our body’s energy and oxygen levels.
However, we got a few X-rays and blood tests done on our doctor’s recommendation after being tested positive. That’s how we found out that my mother’s one lung is 18% infected by covid. And both she and my domestic help are more impacted by covid internally than my dad and I. However, its still all home treatment for them. My mother takes oxygen externally a few hours a day to ensure her levels are maintained. Goes to show that this virus can impact you without you ever knowing about it. Goes to show why testing is important. 

Support: The outpour of love and support from friends and strangers has been heartwarming. However, one advice I would give to people is to be careful with your words and the energy you are giving out. Messaging people and saying “oh my god I am scared for you” is not helpful, not matter how pure your intentions might be. Mild case or not, everyone during such a time tries to stay positive to fight this through. Try not to add to their controlled anxiety or make them feel that they should be panicking more. Instead, offer support by simply asking if there is anything you can do for them (picking groceries, medicines) or if they need to talk for distraction or to stay entertained etc.
Try to give out positive energy and support.

95% of covid cases are mild in nature and require home isolation. But this entire pandemic also requires us to be more cautious and smart about things. Take multi vitamins everyday. Don’t wait to get infected by covid for that. Multi vitamins are a part of my family’s daily medicine intake to tackle covid. Eat healthy, be mindful of who you are meeting and DON’T PANIC. Covid is not a stigma. My family and I have been very open to talk about it publicly, because we need people to stop creating an air of panic and anxiety, especially for those who might test positive but then get scared to ask for any help out of the created fear. 

*Covid patients can only tell you their experiences and journey. However, covid patients are not medical professionals and if you feel any symptoms, no matter how mild or brief, contact your doctor for the best advice.

Personally, we are living life very optimistically. We are blessed to have been able to function normally, except for the complete home isolation. Many people have been shocked to see how I am living life and talking normally. For many, this might have helped reduce the panic of Covid. Still, don’t let your guard down and practice caution in whatever you do.

From here, we will follow our doctor’s advise and hopefully in the coming days get tested again for covid, to see if we come out negative or not. Till then, home care, rest and isolation is on! 

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