2 weeks of being Covid +

2 weeks of being Covid Positive in New Delhi, India. Nearly 2 weeks ago my parents, domestic help and I officially tested positive for Covid. First, my grandmother had tested positive. She was largely asymptomatic and the only reason we got her tested is because she had mid fever and shivering for 2-3 days, which could … Continue reading 2 weeks of being Covid +

I’m Looking for Something in the Dark

I stumble in the dark, with my heart wide open. My mind is turbulent, yet it all makes sense in the moment. I look around, and I know you’re surrounded by light. Somehow it just passed me by.  I feel a breeze touch me, so cold and unknown. It felt a bit like you do … Continue reading I’m Looking for Something in the Dark

For You.

Hey you. Are you feeling lost, confused and in a daze? You can't seem to find the path that you once dreamt about, or feel the breeze after a long hot day, like you always longed for? Do you think about an ideal human connection, an openness and freedom to fail and falter all you … Continue reading For You.

I interacted with 5000+ students in a month, and it changed my perspective

I want to share an experience that left quite an impact on my perception on how we can make this world a better place. Children. Education is a powerful tool. The right curriculum, delivery mechanism and classroom techniques can help develop our children in every aspect of life. But education goes beyond what is taught … Continue reading I interacted with 5000+ students in a month, and it changed my perspective

To the person who plans to stick with me (is it actually possible?)

I need you to help me with something. I need to know how to believe in something good that happens to me, and how to believe that it won’t go away instantly.  It’s a dumb dumb insecurity of mine, I know. But I honestly struggle with it so much, that without any rhyme or reason, … Continue reading To the person who plans to stick with me (is it actually possible?)

The Grey Shades of Family

Family. The importance and influence of family around the world, especially in a close knit culture like India, is well known and documented especially through movies, TV shows, books etc. But more often than not, the importance of family is portrayed in a ‘always positive’ , ‘thicker than blood’, ‘no questions asked’ sort of a … Continue reading The Grey Shades of Family

Being 20-something

Being 20-something is exactly what it sounds like. Its being something, without knowing exactly what that something is. Sometimes you feel its all figured out before it all unravels and you're back to square one. Here's my learnings so far about being a 20-something ... something. Am I an adult?Who knows? Apparently everybody has a … Continue reading Being 20-something

Who do I blame?

Help me, for I don't know who to blame anymore. Many people are concerned that media and social media has highlighted only two particular cases while the rest of the country continues to have incidents where it's daughters are facing the same atrocities. True, very true. Before we go on endorsing the proud statistic of … Continue reading Who do I blame?

Its Happening Again

Religious groups have started to grow suspicious of each other. Each wants their own autonomy, power grab and security for their respective groups. There are reports of violence erupting across the country. States are becoming witness to Muslims and Hindus killing each other. Politicians plead for peace and unity only when they realise that the … Continue reading Its Happening Again